Cody Lane Wilkins arrested by Rockwall County Sheriff’s Department

Cody Lane WilkinsCody Lane Wilkins was booked into the Rockwall County Jail on September 9, 2014, at 11:02 p.m. He was arrested by the Rockwall County Sheriff’s Department and charged with: minor in possession of alcohol, bond set at $1500; possession of drug paraphernalia, bond set at $1500; possession of marijuana in an amount of 2 ounces or less, bond set at $1500, and possession of a prohibited weapon, knuckles, bond set at $2000. Wilkins is described as a white male, 20 years of age, with blue eyes and brown hair, standing 6’ 1” tall and weighing 195 pounds.

All charges were from forfeiture of bonds previously posted on these cases.

Cody Lane Wilkins1 Cody Lane Wilkins2