Gquan Roy Dewight Taylor Jr arrested by Forney Police Department

Gquan Roy Dewight Taylor JrGquan Roy Dewight Taylor Jr was booked into the Kaufman County Jail on June 12, 2017, at 11:25 a.m.  He was arrested by the Forney Police Department on a charge of robbery. Bond is set at $25,000. Taylor is described as a black male, date of birth May 9, 1998, with brown eyes and black hair, standing 6’ 1” tall and weighing 142 pounds.

Taylor was arrested following an incident on May 31, 2017, which began in Fox Hollow. According to information provided on social media by someone close to the male complainant, property was stolen from the complainant by Taylor and other individuals in a vehicle.  The complainant pursued the vehicle to the Community Park and subsequently reported the incident to Forney PD, along with a description of the vehicle and its occupants.

When FPD arrived at the scene, several individuals, including at least one juvenile, were questioned but were subsequently released. Following additional investigation, FPD later filed this case against Taylor. It is unknown if any other individuals were also subsequently charged.

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