How can you post this when you don’t know the whole story?
You are correct, the whole story is not known. Only what is provided in publicly available information such as arrest records, court records, Facebook profiles, and other publicly available information is known. If you have additional information you would like to add, please feel free to do so in comments on Facebook.

Why are you posting this when this is a “good person”?
Only public information is posted. Never will a statement be made in a post that someone is a “good” or “bad” person. If you would like to make a comment supporting the “goodness” or “badness” of a person, please feel free to do so on Facebook. Many people may agree with you and informed opinions are welcomed in Facebook comments.

What happened to innocent until proven guilty?
Thankfully, it still exists. Never will a statement be made in a post that someone is guilty of something unless they have already been adjudged to be guilty in a court of law. If someone is posted here who is charged with a crime and they are later found to be not guilty or the case is not filed or it is subsequently dismissed without community supervision, please message the website and that post will be updated with that information after verification.

Will you please take down the mugshot of _______?
See this.

I am going to sue you for defamation / slander / fraud (insert specific reason here).
Okay. Posting facts fits none of those definitions. If you have a problem with an opinion posted by someone else on the Facebook page as a comment, take it up with that person and please keep that off the page.

My child is only 17 years old, how dare you post his / her mugshot or Facebook information?
A person becomes an adult in the criminal justice system at the age of 17 and is no different than any other person charged with a crime. Different rules do not apply because they are 17. As for Facebook information, see this regarding teens and Facebook.

You posted a link to, or a photo from, my Facebook page, will you take it down?
Facebook is all about sharing. A share button exists next to virtually everything on Facebook. If you don’t want something shared, either set your privacy settings accordingly or, better yet, don’t post it in the first place.

May I contact the site privately?
Absolutely. Please click the “contact us” button at the top of the website page or the “message” button on the Facebook page.

Bottom line, if you have a problem with a publicly available mugshot, or Facebook photo, of someone who was arrested being posted, don’t blame the messenger… blame the person.

All persons arrested by Forney Police Department who are booked into Kaufman County Jail will be posted. Selected other arrests from both Kaufman and Rockwall County jails will also be posted.

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