Audio from Forney Police Department Chase to Wills Point March 12 2018

This is audio from the police chase which was initiated by an attempted traffic stop by Forney Police Department officers on Monday night, March 13, 2018.

The chase led officers from Forney to Wills Point in Van Zandt County and involved a flaming rented pickup truck and finally a standoff with Van Zandt County SWAT.

The officers were subsequently advised that the suspect was flagged as known to be armed and dangerous, had violent tendencies, was on medications, known to be suicidal, and to abuse alcohol and drugs.

Best line from the audio was during standoff in Wills Point, when one officer said (basically), “If you are giving him commands, let him know we have a DOG!” [AKA, Fur Missile].

The posted audio has been edited to eliminate identifying information and also other calls which were going on in our city being covered by other Forney PD officers.

Kudos to our men, women, and canine officers in Blue and all the dispatchers involved along the way for an amazing job.

[12:40, ~12mb]

Aaron Kyle Woodcock was the person arrested in this incident.

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