Mark Stephen Luckey arrested by Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department

Mark Stephen LuckeyMark Stephen Luckey was booked into the Kaufman County Jail on September 26, 2014, at 8:02 p.m. He was arrested by the Kaufman County Sheriff’s Department and charged with: bond forfeiture, new bond set at $210,000; a second bond forfeiture, new bond set at $10,000; insufficient bond, new bond set at $10,000; and a hold for SAFP (a substance abuse felony punishment facility). Luckey is described as a white male, date of birth August 21, 1956, with brown eyes and brown hair, standing 6’ tall and weighing 180 pounds.

This one is somewhat confusing because no cases were found pending in Kaufman County against Mr. Luckey in which bonds were indicated as being forfeited.

Luckey was charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon in a case filed on September 12, 2013, stemming from an incident on August 5, 2013. On December 18, 2013, Luckey entered a plea of guilty in that case and was placed on deferred adjudication community supervision for a period of 5 years, with a fine of $1500, and 200 hours of community service. There was a motion to revoke his probation filed in that case on January 7, 2014, and a bond was posted which was later held insufficient and forfeited. However, on August 5, 2014, an order was entered extending and modifying his probation which would appear to have settled that matter. This case would still be pending however no new motion to adjudicate or revoke his probation has been filed.

Two cases of driving while intoxicated with a blood-alcohol level of over 0.15 were also filed against Luckey on February 7, 2014, for two separate incidents on December 24, 2013, and December 29, 2013. He entered a plea of guilty on August 5, 2014, and was sentenced to a flat 75 days in jail, which he already served, and a fine of $500. The second case was dismissed following that conviction. Both of these cases are disposed.

A driving while intoxicated 2nd was filed against Luckey on May 8, 2014, for an incident on March 23, 2014. On August 5, 2014, he entered a plea of guilty and was also sentenced to a flat 75 days in jail, which he already served, and a fine of $500. This case is also disposed.

There is a traffic citation pending for driving on wrong side of the road not passing (driving in fast lane) but that case has a good setting of October 14, 2014, with no indication of a failure to appear in the docket entry. However, there is a separate case entry for failure to appear on the ticket even though it is not noted.

TLDR; it’s not clear why he is in jail for all the bond issues based on court docket entries.

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